Its An Experience

House of Cocoa is the one and only stop shop for premium quality chocolates. We aim to provide a one of a kind chocolate experience through our store where you can dive in different tastes, various cultures and embrace the art of chocolate. When talking about chocolates; House of Cocoa is the definition of excellence through our selected and fine tastes. 

Its An Education

Lots of care and attention is placed in the chocolates we make, delivering the real education to our customers on what quality chocolates are all about and the science behind it. Considering the current size of the chocolate consumer market in the world, very few are knowledgable of what makes a good quality chocolate bar, the origins of the chocolate and how this related to price. We see it as a responsibility to inform our customers of this knowledge allowing them to indulge in the culture of chocolate and enjoy the experience as they should. With that we are continuously developing new products with unique flavors so our customers can continue enjoying chocolates in different ways they have never experienced before. 

Bow and Ark

The House of Cocoa brand is owned and managed by Bow and Ark Co, a company specialized in introducing new retail products to the Egyptian market operating in the food and beverage sector. We are now proudly operating 10 branches across Greater Cairo and plan to expand every year to reach our loyal customers. We also serve our business to business customers and have worked with some of the largest companies in Egypt. For more information on Bow and Ark Co please log on to